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Black Forest Frontiers (BFF)

The goal of this project is to create a series of balloons to explore the best methods to both safely and efficiently launch and retrieve payloads. This project is maintained by DrLuke and is based around Karlsruhe in Germany. If you want to join me or have any questions you best contact me via IRC.


BFF-1 is the first launch planned for November 2012. It will fly on Hydrogen rather than Helium to prevent unnecessary expenses and losses of a depleting ressource.

Payload Hardware

  • Ublox NEO-6M GPS-module
  • Radiometrix NTX2 transmitter with a lambda/4 groundplane antenna
  • Nokia 6150 cell phone as backup transmitter
  • ATMega328 (or similar) as flight computer
  • ADXL345 (3-axis i2c accelerometer)
  • DS1307 (i2c realtime clock)
  • TMP102 (i2c temperature sensor)
  • Other sensors (to be determined)


  • Generic E4000 DVB-T SDR
  • handheld yagi antenna
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