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07/09/19 - UKHAS Conference 2019 UKHAS Conference 2019

01/05/18 - UKHAS conference 2018 UKHAS Conference 2018

19/03/15 - Eclipse High Altitude Balloon Launches

30/05/14 - New Tutorial Released: Howto link an Arduino with an Radiometrix NTX2B to do RTTY by M0UPU

17/02/13 - New Android App - Android RTTY modem and tracker released

16/02/13 - HABHUB iOS App released by Adam Cudworth

19/06/12 - New Tutorial Released: Howto use a cheap TV dongle to track a balloon flight by M0UPU 19/06/10 - New version of dl-fldigi released:

25/03/10 - Robert Harrison/Icarus everywhere - Daily Mail, The Times, Sky, BBC, ITV, Metro, NBC, Make Magazine, Slashdot (!)

17/03/10 - Ferret Balloon Tracker - CUSF's Ferret Balloon Tracker makes it onto hackaday

25/11/09 - BBC Website on Sending Pudsey to space (almost) - BBC Suffolk's take on the Children in Need Launch BBC Website

18/11/09 - BBC Website on The Sun's 40th Anniversary - Robert Harrison (AKA rjharrison, 2E0RJH) Icarus hot enough for The Sun BBC Website 17/11/09 - BBC Radio Leeds - A follow up with on the launch for The Sun on Local radio in Leeds. Plugged UKHAS, IRC #highaltitude, Safety, CAA and NOTAMS. BBC iPlayer From 14.40 onwards

17/11/09 - The Sun 40th Birthday Launch - A few months ago Robert Harrison (rjharrison) launched a special mission using his Icarus II payload on behalf of the British newspaper The Sun to celebrate their 40th birthday. The payload reached 33km, took some great pictures and was recovered. More information can be found on their website: The Sun. Full set of pictures on Robert's Flickr page.

8/08/09 - Bang Goes the Theory - Recreating Kittinger's 100,000ft parachute jump from a balloon 49 years ago Steve Randall and BBC One's new science show Bang Goes the Theory launched a dual payload mission codenamed XABEN 7/8 in June 2009. The main payload contained 4 HD video cameras which recorded the release of the secondary payload - a plastic model of one of the presenters 'Dallas' to simulate Kittinger's daring jump. Both 'Dallas' and the camera payload were recovered and incredible footage was recorded. More information can be found in the August issue of BBC Focus Magazine

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