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Guide to Knots

Tying the correct knots in your cord that attaches the payload to the parachute and onward to the balloon is important, payloads are subject to alot of stress and if a knot comes loose it could be disastrous. The following are links to some knot tutorials that may be of use.

Attaching 2 Strings to each other

The Figure 8 or Flemish Bend is a good knot to attach 2 string ends together click the picture below to visit a great website for demonstrating the knot :

Image is (C)

This can then be tied off with a Double Overhand Stopper Knot

Making a Loop

A loop in the cord is useful for hanging things off. The Alpine Butterfly Loop or Lineman's Loop is a good strong knot for making a loop mid cord. There are a number of methods for tying this knot again the people at have a great guide, click the picture below to visit their site :

Image is (C)

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