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Arctic Challenge 2013/2014


UK HAB have come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of years especially with the development of Pico balloons and Latex floaters. Throughout balloon history the ultimate aim has been to cross the atlantic ocean. Unfortunately due to the regular wind patterns its not possible to launch a trans-atlantic flights from the UK so instead we have come up with a new challenge.

The Challenge

  • Launch a balloon from the UK that crosses the Arctic Circle before the UKHAS Conference 2014

The Prize

  1. Eternal Glory
  2. Trophy to be presented at the next UKHAS Conference
  3. Cash prize (currently £200)

If you'd like to contribute to the prize please get in touch

The Rules

  1. The balloon and payload has to be launched from the UK
    1. UK includes Scotland and Scottish Isles
    2. Needs to be launched from land (no sea launches)
    3. See rule 6
  2. The payload has to transmit data which shows that it has crossed the Arctic Circle
  3. The Arctic Circle (as defined by Wikipedia) has a latitude of 66.5622N
  4. The balloon and payload have to adhere to all necessary legal requirements including launch permission, NOTAMs, Radio licences. These remain the responsibility of the launcher.
  5. It is suggested that you adhere to the UKHAS guidelines of launching a balloon
  6. While this competition is aimed at the UK, enthusiasts in other countries can enter after discussion with the challenge organisers (mainly checking launch latitudes etc).
  7. Additional rules may be added in the future at the discretion of the organisers
  8. Leo Bodnar will have to cross 68.5622 to win the challenge, if his balloon/payload crosses 66.5622 but not 68.5622 and no one else manages then he'll also win. This handicap does not apply to anyone else



  • jcoxon or LeoBodnar on #highaltitude (
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