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Pegasus High Altitude Balloon Project

Based in Eastern UK, student run. By James Coxon (

Uses a gps/gumstix/nokia mobile phone system and parachute for descent.


  • Pegasus I - 15/10/05 - success, reached 66,000ft traveled 63miles (Suffolk to Lincolnshire)
  • Pegasus II - 4/03/06 - contact lost after launch, feared to be lost in North Sea
  • Pegasus III - 15/07/06 - communication test bed (explore alternative methods of communication)
  • Pegasus IV - simple payload using a Motorola WR850G as a flight computer.
  • Pegasus V - 28/04/07 - Gumstix based, testing 434mhz radio transmitting morse and digital compass.
  • Pegasus VI - 02/11/08 - success, transmitting RTTY and SSTV

Run by James Coxon.

Firefly High Altitude Lifting Platform

Modular lightweight payload with simple GM862-GPS backup system (sms and morse radio) - allows for experimental payloads with the fallback tracker system. Once the basic system is complete and tested potential experiments include 2 way radio communications, video streaming, sunrise launches, etc.


  • FHALP-1 - 24/11/07 - landed in the sea - oops 17/22/07 4/11/07 - Test backup system, GM862-GPS, SMS and Radio comms (morse), single camera.
  • FHALP-2 - Launched 10/02/08 - Visual and Radio contact to apogee then loss of contact, landed in somwhere East Cambridge, at present lost. FOUND - see site for details.
  • FHALP-3 - Launched 26/04/08 - Dual balloons - Flight computer died after launch, visual and radio beacon contact lost after 50 minutes. On landing the flight computer restarted and transmitted via sms landing site co-ordinates.


Based on a Gumstix Goliath prototype board with onboard gps, gsm and usb hub. Uses soundmodem software to emulate a packet radio over the onboard soundcard attached to a Radiometrix NTX2. Also has usb storage.



Experimental floating flights with latex balloons and small vents to provide a test platform for ballast tank that will then be used on the Atlantic Halo mission.


  • BH 1 - failed to float
  • BH 2 - floated for 7+ hrs overnight
  • BH 3 - floated but ballast tanks failed to start, landed in Northern France
  • BH 4 - gps failed due to pump, failed to reach float and landed in the Netherlands

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