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Habdec is a C++11 software to decode RTTY telemetry from High Altitude Balloon and upload it to UKHAS Habitat

Some Facts

  • builds and runs on Windows/Linux and x64/RaspberryPI/OdroixXU4 platforms
  • Uses SoapySDR to consume IQ stream from your SDR
  • runs in command line (headless)
  • provides websocket server so can be cotrolled from any web browser even on your phone
  • can be easily integrated into your own code

Original motivation for habdec was to have a portable tracking device you could take to a chasecar or into a field.

Fatty laptop with dl-fldigi, full-fledged SDR app and required internet connection is not too comfortable.

Ultimatelly habdec is intended for integration into bigger app, probably based on OpenStreetmap and running on portable RaspberryPI or OdroidXU4. Right now you can run it on headless board and cotrol from your mobile.

Habdec on github

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