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Welcome to the UK High Altitude Society. We're a loose collection of people who are interested in launching unmanned high altitude balloons into near space. High altitude ballooning is a multi-skilled hobby which lets you explore the edge of space relatively cheaply - a basic flight can cost less than £200.

Please note the information in this Wiki maybe out of date. We strongly recommend you visit the IRC channel for current information.

Get Involved

  • UKHAS Guidelines - suggested code of practice on how to fly a balloon and payload safely

We welcome and encourage contributions to the Wiki but unfortunately due to spam we have to restrict newly registered accounts. Please come speak to us on IRC to be given permissions to edit.

If you've got more questions, sign up to our mailing list or visit the #highaltitude IRC channel on

For current launches please see or subscribe to the Mailing List



30/09/22 - UKHAS Wiki moved to a new host.

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