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  • Write v3.0 firmware based on tests with v2.0 and using digital thermopile unit
  • Write firmware v2.0 with simplified guidance and nested interrupts
  • Write firmware (in c using procyon avrlib) - v1.0 complete (Laurenceb)
  • Order em-406a gps module - borrowing one from Jcoxon
  • Come up with a reliable datalogging system (rocketboys logger, off the shelf unit, or a new AVR-dos based system)
  • Design flight computer + order (Laurenceb)
  • Design thermopile unit + order (Laurenceb)
  • Design digital thermopile unit + order (Laurenceb)
  • Order parts for flight computer and assemble (Laurenceb)
  • Order components for thermopile board (Laurenceb)
  • Assemble thermopile unit and find way to integrate a 5th sensor (Laurenceb/Rocketboy)
  • Mill thermopile enclosure(Rocketboy)
  • RC kit (Phatmonkey?)
  • Decide on USB→ISP+UART module to use for debugging and order it (Laurenceb - using the german thingy)
  • Decide on a 433 MHz antenna solution (Rocketboy? - 1/4 wave unshielded coax embedded in the wing?)
  • Write Zagi sim code (Phatmonkey)
  • Come up with good values for PID control from simcode (Phatmonkey)

Feel free to edit this and or add your own thoughts - Laurenceb

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