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Flight Computer

Mega324p design

Board from batchpcb:

Mega64 design

Schematic - there are two cutdown channels, two RC pwm capture channels, two servo pwm outputs, voltage regulation for servos and electronics, GPS header, data header and radio connector (to interface with Rocketboys radio system)

Here is an eagle 3D rendering, there seems to be a problem with the headers… but thats specific to eagle3d. This design has now been sent to batchpcb for production, along with the thermopile amplifier.

Dual mega168

The RX, flight computer, and a test servo assembled

The flight computer is now operational, powered by two atmega168 micros. There is an RS-232 daughter board on the left that allows communication with a PC.

Indicator LEDs show status

Simple demo code demonstrating communication over the serial bus between the two processors

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