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Autonomus tracker

Thou i have never launched a baloon my self i found the hobby ver interesting and figured i would start by listning etc. In Denmark it's not as easy to launch, you need an permit and that alone will cost about 130£

So i poked my mind how i could help… well i could try and build a fully automatic tracker based on Beagle Bone Black.

Now what shoul such a thing be..?

Must be as small as possible. Very easy to setup. User just set it on a tripod etc and press a button and then select what payload to track and press go. Automatic decode signal Track the payload as precise as possible Have internet so it can deliver data to central server Must be able to control it from home

I have still to finish the board for this but will update as i go along

Pic of schematic:

Dropbox link to eagle files etc:

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