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PIE - High Altitude Balloon Flights using the Raspberry Pi

A project by David Akerman


I have 3 separate running projects named BUZZ, CLOUD and PIE. BUZZ is for lightweight payloads to achieve maximum altitude or (later) long floats; CLOUD is for more normal-sized photographic payloads; PIE is for Raspberry Pi payloads.


This was the first Raspberry Pi weather balloon flight, sending basic telemetry plus SSDV (still images) over a 300 baud radio link. The GPS failed (noise from the Pi) but the SSDV worked extremely well. Despite using a smallish (1200g) balloon, the flight went quite high and sent back what I believe are the highest “live” images from any such flight.

For more details see my blog post or just google for “Pi in the sky weather balloon” … there are plenty of hits :p

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