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Pegasus III

Testing a variety of potential communication methods:

  • Nokia 5110 (attached via gnokii) transmitting gps coordinates by sms.
  • Nokia 5110 actually tracking of mobile phone (within approx. 1 mile) with Verilocation.
  • 434mhz 10mW beacon - morse code of Pegasus 3 (will allow potential developement into sending gps coordinates via 434hmz).
  • 868mhz 250mW transmitter - will only be used before launch and on landing - allows wireless login into the flight computer and will allow downloading of whole gps file from a distance.

Onboard is also a single 3.1MP camera facing sideways.

The flight computer is a gumstix connex 200xm with a gpsstix attached.

Power: Lithium AAA 1.5V Energizer e2 L92(Lithium Iron disulphide cells)

  • 4 for flight computer
  • 3 for 868mhz transmitters
  • 4 for camera

434mhz beacon powered by Black Diamond CR-P2 Lithium photocell (6V)

Parachute = 91cm in diameter

Total weight = 1kg

Balloon size - not decided yet depends on weather (500gm)

Launch date: First attempt : 15/07/06 Succesfully launched and recovered (see Pegasus III)

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