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  • Sat 10th March Meeting Logs


  • Sat 10th March Test Videos - homemade rogallo wing made out of bin liner, video 11 actually shows some sort of directional flight.
  • parafoil drop tests - sports hall

Drops 1 and 2 - single line rigging Drops 3 and 4 - dual line + 2 breaklines


  • The Black Rainbow - homemade powered powerfoil. Uses pretty standard parafoil kite, changes rigging method + uses a winch system rather than direct servo. Some videos showing that it does indeed work.
  • Cyberchute - info about commercial model powered parafoils.
  • NASA X-38 - Factsheet for a re-entry spacecraft that steers by a parafoil once below 24,000ft
  • Nasa X38:
    • X-38 - B52 drop test, parafoil deployment + steering + landing
    • X-38 - B52 drop test, parafoil deployed by large drogue.


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