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Lifting Body


Short term (next 2 - 3 weeks) aim - develop lifting body system - aim to assemble next weekend - launch following week:-

Steve to:

  • Send TX (and lead + plug) done
  • Send Servo Driver done
  • Make Servo Current sensor and power regulator + Li-Ion batteries.
  • Finish lifting body model, Drop test and determine glide ratio - produce scaled version for predicted weight
  • Work out antenna system (copper strip on inside surface of lifting body?)
  • Make 3.3V FET pyro-drivers done

Ed to:

  • Provide deatils of low voltage (3V) power FETS (for cutdown/chute deployment) - done. Nice one ed! I'll pop down to RAPID Monday/Tuesday

James & Ed to

  • Work of steering software begun - gps parser complete - now doing maths
  • Get GPS on order

James to:

  • Aquire Nokia mobile phone done - jcoxon


  • Gumstix Connex 400xm
  • Audiostix 2 Daughter Board (+ gumstix + gps = 30g)
  • EM-406A GPS
  • Servo driver (20g)
  • Servo (25g)
  • 2 x Cutdown circuits (20g each)
  • Radio transmitter (25g)
  • Lifting body
  • Piston released parachute

Total Weight = 150g (gumstix,board,gps,servo,servo driver,2x cutdown circuits, radio transmitter)



  • Wire up
    • GPS unit -done
    • Servo driver
    • Radio
    • Cutdown circuits
  • Complete Software


  • Design Lifting Body
  • Construct


  • Finish maths software


  • gpsparser.c - C program that opens the serial port and receives NMEA strings, searches each string for either $GPGGA or $GPVTG and then splits these strings into float variables converting long and lat into decimal.
  • navsoft.c - Combining GPS parser with Servo 2 and some calculations to work out distances and bearings - also shifts the servo accordingly. Jcoxon version of adjustment - will update with more advanced edmoore version.
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