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  • Develop a controllable descent system that can land in a designated area (not necessarily return back to base though that would be nice)

Agreed mid term work areas:

  1. Parafoil Drop Tests - to get dynamics
  2. Lifting Body with Parachute landing - Basic Control Systems test - Single surfaces cotrol
  3. Parafoil deployment system
  4. Radio Uplink (3.3V, Serial I/O)
  5. Servo Controller (5V, with Opto isolated I/f Serial I/O)
  6. Sensor subsystem - Tempreture, pressure, 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis rate gyro 3 axis magnetic compass - serial out
  7. Main Computing system (Parafoil/Lifting Body) - Linux SBC = Gumstix - code in C
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