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MiHAB 2 project

update 10th September

Flight success! 76,000ft, all the photos can be seen here!


Code here (Bascom basic - Visual basic compatible almost) :projects:mihab:mihab2rev5-flight.txt

New KML file with photos! :projects:mihab:mihab2_KML_.txt

KML file here: mihab2_txt_.txt

Here is radio log txtrad.txt e.g.MiHAB212.8217005.8316,E,60.8,M,

lat 52 degrees 12.8217 mins
long 5.8316 mins east
alt 60.8 meters

Altitude in M vs. time in minutes here

And perhaps more interesting temperature in C…

and vs. altitude

Here is eeprom log txtlog.txt ,unfortunately the reason for cut down was deleted, but the parachute pole snapped off the payload at 23km, so it seams reasonable that the balloon popped and the jerk from the opening parachute snapped the pvc pole that attatches the parachute, leaving the payload to freefall from 23 KM !!! . Text log has lat, long , alt and also two bytes from ds1820 sensor, e.g 50,0 =25 degrees c & 20,0 = 10 degrees also 250,255 is -3 and 240,255 is - 8 ect. 0 on end shows that string was recovered error free.

update 30th July

cut down finished !

update 22nd July

Camera fixed, seems that there was a software problem caused by inserting the wrong cable, leaving the flash circuit on continuously. Removing the batteries overnight caused everything to reset. MiHAB 2 is now almost complete except for the cut down and communications. I may use a stronger nylon model rocketry parachute for the cut down, as the polythene MiHAB 1 parachute appeared to have be torn by the cut down mechanism

update 21st July

Currently under construction, here is the latest picture

Unfortunately I have partially fried the camera by using the wrong usb cable, so now when you try to download the pictures you short the batteries and have about 1 minute before they go flat. I think this can be solved with a SD card reader to copy the pictures. I origionally planned to use the phone from MiHAB 1 but as the radio on Pegasus 3 was so good I think I'll try that idea. The phone has the advantage that you can use the internal memory to save messages for use as a flight log, so I may go for radio+phone or radio+i2c eeprom chip

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