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MiHAB3/Glider master unit test

Temperature Data

The flight computer was heavily damaged upon (crash) landing, so the temperature data could not be downloaded immediatly. However, repairs have now been made and it seems the temperature dropped to below -56 centigrade. I do not yet have a working serial link, but when I do it should be possible to get some graphs. The data does however appear to be corrupted. This could be some interesting thermal behaviour or a problem with the power supply, it remains to be seen once the data is aquired properly via serial link.


These are bit poor, I used the mpegs straight off the card for max quality, but I'm sure someone else could do better!

After crash landing!

Flight (Success)

lots of photos and vids but heavy damage on landing

VIDEO HERE!!! Dump of SD card here

View from apogee Another, colour corrected version Churchill college and "mission control" The east coast of the UK all the way up to Yorkshire is visible here Southern UK and the river Thames Southern UK with planes


This will be flying on the UKHAS1 flight train

There will now be a 7 second video clip every minute along with a 3mpx photo every 20 seconds. This will put a bit of strain on the batteries, so the battery life should be around 1hour 45 minutes.

Should be launching 7th jan 2007, this will fly on a flight train and will not include tracking, just camera and a temperature sensor/ solar heating experiment.

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