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Camera Module

The Camera in this module is a Premier DS-5080 5M Digital Camera. I ordered 8 faulty cameras off ebay for 99p + p&p and when they arrived 3 of them worked on external power (didn't have the battery for them). First I dissected a dead camera to see how they were put together and also identify where the flash capacitor was to avoid electrocuting myself! The DS-5080 shutter is triggered by a push switch which pulls the line to ground (found using a multimeter) and conveniently has 2 large pads (+ and -) which can be soldered to. Also the camera can run off external power (5V DC) which allows longer lasting batteries to be used. Finally I found that you didn't need the screen to be in place (therefore saving power) and that the main set of buttons on the back could be detached. Once I knew what I was doing I disassembled a working camera, soldered wires to the shutter switch and also the external power socket, removed the screen and then reassembled the camera. I built a polystyrene case (though I'm going to make a new one) which slots over the wooden struts that extend out from the main payload.

The camera has its front lens protector slide back which means that when power is connected the camera automatically turns on. Then on the small control panel of buttons 3 presses of the right arm of the cross of buttons turns the flash off. The shutter is connected to a GPIO which when it goes from +2.8v to GND triggers the camera to take a picture.

(Remember if the camera isn't taking pictures at a rate of at least every minute it might also be necessary to turn the 'automatic power off' off)

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