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Flight Plan

  • Ride to balloon burst
  • Descend by parachute


  • GM862-GPS
  • N5 Radio Module ( + 2 transistors - on/off and data)
  • Premier DS-5080
  • Cutdown Circuit
  • 3.7v Lipo Battery
  • Batteries for Camera, Cutdown
  • 18“ Parachute

Things To Do

  • Uncomment smssend
  • Charge batteries
  • Format SD card
  • Build antenna
  • Tests!


  • Battery power - OK
  • ON/OFF - OK
  • Status light - OK
  • Radio - OK
  • Camera - OK
  • SMS - OK (finally)


Check out the pictures of the payload on my flickr account:Flickr


Ended up landing in the sea (well we assume it did as we lost contact after about 30mins and never got it back (predictions have it in the sea). So in review:

  • Check Uni of Wyoming's trajectory forecast and make sure it ain't going to land in the sea.
  • Radio set up was rubbish
    • N5 module really wandered in freq
    • Didn't transmit for long enough - 45second power save meant that attempting to find the signal was pure luck
    • Morse is just too hard to translate - rtty is better
  • Camera is good - perhaps intergrate it into the main payload as its a good feature to have
  • Building style was good
  • You need a cutdown - Mosfet circuit on wiki is good as could be charged by a GPIO therefore doesn't need another battery pack
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