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 Or to use the new "​HAB"​ slim interface (advised) Or to use the new "​HAB"​ slim interface (advised)
 <​code>​$ ./​src/​dl-fldigi --hab</​code>​ <​code>​$ ./​src/​dl-fldigi --hab</​code>​
 +===== Building on Ubuntu 20.04 =====
 +The steps as per 18.04 can be used with one change, adding //​--disable-nls//​ on the line below to disable native language support and remove the dependency on gettext:
 +$ ./configure --disable-flarq --enable-optimizations=native --disable-nls
 ===== Building on Ubuntu 18.04 ===== ===== Building on Ubuntu 18.04 =====
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