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Apex Alpha

A small, light-weight payload which will be the predecessor to Apex III

The payload is to be based around the AVR micro-controllers with the Arduino bootloader. With a completely redesigned payload, we hope that Apex Alpha will be able to help us break records and move the project forward towards Apex III.

Apex Alpha: Launch 1 - Launched from Churchill College, Cambridge on 22 Oct 2011.

Team Members

  • Priyesh Patel
  • Daniel Saul
  • Edward Branford
  • Alex Landless
  • Philip Warren
  • Alex Wakefield
  • Michael Woodgate

Launch 1

On the 22nd of October 2011, the ApexHAB team from Sutton Grammar School, Surrey, UK set off to launch their newest HAB payload; Apex Alpha. It was built entirely by students at the school between the ages of 15 and 17. The payload, created to be small and lightweight, was carried up into the skies by a Hwoyee 2000g latex weather balloon.


The Alpha gallery is availble at:

Data is available at:

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