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Nova 18 and Pegasus VII 17/06/10

Flight Details

  • Balloon : 1.5kg
  • Parachute : 72“
  • Payloads :
    1. Nova18 (Ferret flight computer) on 434.650Mhz
    2. School Science Experiment
    3. Project Squirrel (Android Phone)
    4. Pegasus VII on 434.075Mhz
  • Launched : 17/06/10 12:01 (BST)
  • Landed : 17/06/10 14:41 (BST)
  • Max Altitude : 26847m

Flight Report

Due to a few delays the flight was launched at 12:01 from Churchill College, Cambridge on a beautiful day. Tracking took place from both the launch site and using the DL system and the chase car was able to watch the descent of the payload (guided by the realtime predictor). The payload was easily and safely recovered from a hedge near Bedford.

Flight Images

  • Images from CUSF Flickr
  • Images from Project Squirrel Flickr
  • SSTV images received be M6JCX from Churchill Cambridge Flickr
  • Map with image overlay Flickr
  • SSTV images received by M0DTS from near Middlesborough
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