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   *[[http://​​index2.php?​option=com_forum&​Itemid=59&​page=viewforum&​f=1|BASCOM forum]]   *[[http://​​index2.php?​option=com_forum&​Itemid=59&​page=viewforum&​f=1|BASCOM forum]]
   *[[http://​​|AVR freaks]]   *[[http://​​|AVR freaks]]
  ==== Basic stamp ====  ==== Basic stamp ====
 +Not used on any UKHAS projects, perhaps a bit overpriced. [[http://​​html_pages/​resources/​custapps/​app_nearspace.asp|Some US based groups]] have used Basic stamps (well according to parallax promotional material at least).
 [[http://​​]] [[http://​​]]
  ==== PICAXE ====  ==== PICAXE ====
 +Cheap but seems to lack memory ect?
 [[http://​​picaxe/​]] [[http://​​picaxe/​]]
 + ==== ARM ====
 +Used successfully by CUSpaceflight for the Badger flight computer series. (NXP LPC2148 on current revision).
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   *Expensive when compared to microcontrollers ($119 for basic working system)   *Expensive when compared to microcontrollers ($119 for basic working system)
   *Perhaps too much processing power for simple tasks   *Perhaps too much processing power for simple tasks
 ====="​Smart"​ Mobile Phones====== ====="​Smart"​ Mobile Phones======
 + ​====Round Solutions==== ​
 + Not really a smart phone but more a smart phone module, but as it has a python interpreter,​ camera interface, GPS, GPRS with TCP/IP and analogue inputs this could run a whole payload!
 + The python code has access to virtual terminals to control the phone and recieve data from the GPS (sirf3). There are also libraries for running bit banged i2c and spi out of the GPIO pins. 1.5Mb of ram avaliable. ​
 =====FOX board===== =====FOX board=====
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