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dl-fldigi is an adapted version of the excellent free FLdigi soundcard decoding software. It takes the audio from your radio, decodes the balloon's signal, and then sends the telemetry it's found over the internet to a server running habitat, which plots the payloads position on to the SpaceNear map.

  • First grab the latest version on the projects page: dl-fldigi
  • Open up dl-fldigi in hab mode (now the default mode for OSX). On first running it'll open up a wizard to help setup dl-fldigi for you.

  • This new version parses the data it receives and splits it up into the boxes and calculates the distance and bearing that the payload is from your base station (based on the latitude and longitude you previously input). You may need to resize the window width when you first open dl-fldigi to fit your screen.
  • First thing is to enter your location (this is required to appear on the map and to calculate distance, elevation and bearing (Please remember to put in your latitude and longitude in decimal format using + or - rather than NSEW e.g. 52.0000 -0.12345 You will also need to put in your altitude, you can put in 0 if you don't know this)

  • dl-fldigi if connected to the internet should automatically download a list of the possible payloads. To view them select the 'Flight' dropdown box.
  • Once you've selected your payload you need to click on the Autoconfigure button which will setup dl-fldigi for tracking.


  • Green means that the string passed its checksum test while red means it failed. Feedback from the server can be seen in the bottom status box.

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