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 External link : [[http://​​products/​746|Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout]] External link : [[http://​​products/​746|Adafruit Ultimate GPS Breakout]]
 +__Possible interresting update__ from Adafruit on **August 2014**:
 +//As of 8/10/2014 we are shipping with firmware v. 5632 which improves high-altitude calculations and stability. It is equivalent in all other functionality and is a drop-in replacement.
 +//Maximum Altitude for **PA6H**: according to the factory, this module will perform up to 40Km but it is only known-tested up to 32,000 Meters.
 +//We have received reports that it works up to ~32Km altitude (the GPS theoretically does not have a limit until 40Km).
 +//​We'​ve received reports from customers that have tested this version of the Ultimate GPS module in a high-altitude balloon, and it kept fix up to ~32km! There is a (theoretical,​ untested) firmware limit of 40Km. However, we provide no guarantee that it will work in all HAB'​s.//​
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