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The UK High Altitude Society Conference 2016

The 2016 UKHAS Conference will be held on Saturday 10th September 2016 at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge:

The full address is:
Institute of Astronomy
University of Cambridge,
Madingley Road,

The location can be viewed at: (52.2139 0.09329)


Tickets cost £10 each. Price includes reception coffee/tea, lunch and admission.

Ticket sales now closed.

RSGB Foundation Exam

In the last few years, a number of people have gained their RSGB Foundation Licenses at the conference. Following these successes, we are once again offering the option to complete the RSGB Foundation Practical Assessments and Exam.

Please contact Phil M0DNY (, or craag on IRC) if you are interested. The only additional cost would be the RSGB Exam Fee of £27.50. All places for the exam have been taken.


Live Streams

This year there are two simultaneous streams:



Overnight accommodation

There are a number of hotels and B&Bs in the Cambridge area, and many of the colleges offer rooms over the summer period.

Churchill College, next to the Institute of Astronomy, has rooms available at

Travel Directions & Parking Information

Further info:

On the northbound M11, leave at Junction 13 and turn right at the end of the road onto Madingley Road. You will pass the Park-n-Ride on the left. Carry on down Madingley Road and you will see the Cambridge Computer Lab on your right. Immediately turn left. The signage comes up on you pretty fast, so please be careful. Once you have turned off, the car park (about 30 spaces) is on your right. Further car parking is available up the hill (about a further 50 spaces).

If you are travelling southbound on the M11, you will need to go down one junction (to Junction 12), leave the motorway and come back onto it going in the other direction (you can't exit the M11 at junction 13 southbound). If this is your first trip to the location we strongly encourage you not to take the back roads as they can be a bit of a maze.

Please Note if traveling by car: The Duxford Air show is on the same weekend so the M11 will be really busy around Junction 10

The train station is 2.6 miles away to walk. Or you could take the Park and Ride bus from the city centre to Madingley Road and walk down the road to the Institute. The city bus station is 1.3 miles from the venue.

There is a bus service from the rail station to a stop just over the road from the Institute of Astronomy. It runs every 20 minutes and costs £2. You would want the JJ Thompson Avenue stop. It is run by Whippet Coaches and called the Universal.

Some attendees have offered to run a public transport pickup service the night before - so enquire with Steve & Daniel if you would like to use this.


This list will be automatically updated on receipt of payment, please don't add yourself!

Daniel Saul
Steve Randall
Adam Greig
Phil Crump
Ian Leitch
Andy Mell
Geoffrey Mather
Dave Akerman
Russ Garrett
Jerry Sandys
Anthony Stirk
David Brooke
Matthew Burnham
James Coxon
Andrew Garratt
Richard Meadows
Dave Baxter
Alain Verbrugge
Emma Leedham
Matt Taylor
Ewan Parsons x2
Andrew Esser
Gregory Tomlin
Geoffrey Powell
Jon Bigwood
Gabriele De Canio
Julien Fron
Andy Batey
Mark Ireland
Cassie Phelps
Emma Leedham
Thomas McCarthy
Charles Riley
Tomasz Brol
Robert Harrison
Sven Steudte
Phil Heron
Simon Cansick
Maurice Heneghan x2
George Emsden
John Underwood
Matthew Beckett
Benjamin Chalmers
David Cattermole
Ricardo Da Silva
Keith Ballinger
Toivo Hartikainen
David Crye
William Duckworth
Milton Wainwright
Johannes Laube
Richard Hewett
Gavin Nesbitt
Richard Cariss
Samantha Graham
Patrick van Staveren
Julian Smith
Yakub Mohamoud
Matt Brejza
Laurence Blaxter
Robert Sandford
Robert Basford x2
Steven Pope
Malcolm Smith
Andrew Hind

Total : 68


This years organisers are Steve Randall ( and Daniel Saul (

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