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The International UKHAS 2013 Conference

The 2013 UKHAS Conference was held on the 7th of September 2013 at the University of Greenwich (51.48381, -0.0050) :

The full address is :

The University of Greenwich Maritime Greenwich Campus
Old Royal Naval College,
Park Row,
SE10 9LS

Directions for getting to the venue are here :

Entrance for conference at the green arrow (51.483620, -0.00477):

Image from Google Maps


Ticket price was £30 (£15 concessionary for students). Price included lunch and admission.



Hotels, by proximity (all walkable):

Devere Devonport House
IBIS Greenwich
Novotel Greenwich
Premier Inn Greenwich
Mercure Greenwich
Clarendon Blackheath


We welcome any suggestions for workshops, if there is something you feel would be of help let us know and we'll see if we can fit it in.

RSGB Foundation Radio Amateur Exam

RSGB Foundation Exam was conduced and all candidates successfully passed :

Steven Dodd M6SNK
Matt Holmes M6FZS
Christopher Atherton M6EVT
Matt Darley M6VOR
Oliver DePayer M6ODP
Andrew Garratt M6GTG


James Coxon
Chris Stubbs
Steve Randall
Adam Greig
Chris Foote (Spike)
Will Duckworth
Anthony Stirk
Dave Akerman
Richard Babington
Thomas Krahn
David Brooke
Gregory Tomlin
David Bowkis
Ed Moore
Chris Atherton
Daniel Richman
Andrew Myatt
Joe Myatt
Mark Drayton
Stephanie Pau
Ara Kourchians
Geoffery Mather
Phil Heron
Andrew Garratt
Mark Ireland
Cassie Phelps
Paul Fuller
Lee Fuller
Steven Dodd
Adrian Beckett
Matthew Beckett
Oliver De Peyer
Matt Holmes
Geoffrey Powell
Adrian Hicks
Steve Smith
Alain Verbrugge
Iain Haywood
Kristaps Mengelis
Philip Highe
David Crye
Matthew Downs
Tomasz Brol
Joseph Busuttil
Steve Froggatt
Ben Oxley
Daniel Saul
Andrew Thomas
Leo Bodnar
Matt Brejza
Colin Hookey
Harry Brenton
Mike Axford
Phillip Crump
Tim Duffett
Priyesh Patel
John Graham-Cumming
Richard Hoptroff
Derek Elias
Pierre Staquet
Jerry Sandys
Richard Gale
Tim Brooming
Matt Darley

Total 64

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