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A list of terms/slang/silly things used in HAB

A-TEAM Launch Term given to a launch no one else wants to do. If you have a payload, and no one else will launch it, you need the A-Team
COCOM Cock-Up When a tracker suddenly stops reporting its position above 12km altitude, due to the builder not knowing about the COCOM GPS limitations, or that his GPS receiver has a “flight mode” for working above 12km.
Coxon Kilometre First kilometre of flight during which there is the highest chance of failure, once you are past the 'Coxon Kilometre' the payload should work
Ed's Rule If you'd be unwilling to throw your payload down the stairs, it might be unwise to fly it.
Foolfish HAB-related tomfoolery. Example: "seriously, when this foolfish finish ?!?"
HAB HAB is a recursive acronym - “HAB After Bacon”, referring to the tradition of consuming anything containing bacon, from simple bacon butties up to a Full English, prior to any launch preparations. HAB always improves the chances of HAB success.
ISH International Standard HAB Time. See ISH
Lunar Cycle The timeline that forces balloon flights to only occur when one or more HABbers are not around to help track
Micro Balloon Small NOTAM exempt latex balloon generally < 100g latex
Newsbie Person who suddenly shows up on IRC shortly after the hobby gets its latest media exposure. Recognized by asking questions such as “how is Arduino?” and “Is xxx here” where “xxx” is our latest media luvvie, they usually leave after their 20th question is answered with “please read the wiki”, never to be seen again.
NOTAM Permission to launch in the UK see Restrictions and Legality
Pico Balloon Small generally foil party balloon
Space The name for the region that starts at 100km above sea level (the Karman Line). Your HAB does not go to space, no HAB does. Don't claim it does, even if it makes for a catchy hashtag.
Speed Limits Arbitrary rules that can be over ridden in software
Stirk Unit of volume. Equal to opening the valve on a compressed tank for approximately three seconds. As in, add one stirk extra to 1600gs to ensure recovery.
Stratodangle Cut down mechanism failure. Leaving item meant to be cut away dangling in the stratosphere.
WooWoo Term for some aspect of HABbing that nobody quite understands. Has been applied to radio were someone manages to receive telemetry over distances that their kit really shouldn't be able to manage. Another example is the 24-27km zone where 1600g Hwoyees sometimes decide to burst instead of ascending to their usual heights.
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