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UK Radiosonde Stations, Frequencies & Hourly Predictors

Station Frequency Hourly Predictor
Aberporth (West Wales coast) 405.6
Albemarle โ€“ RAF Ouston (Newcastle) 404.4
Camborne (Cornwall) 405.7
Caster Bay (Northern Ireland) 404.2 / 401.0
Eskmeals โ€“ QinetiQ (Lake District) 401.6 & 405.1
Herstmonceux (East Sussex) 404.2 / 401.0
Larkhill (Wiltshire) 404.4
Lerwick (Shetlands) 404.6
South Uist (off NW Scotland coast) ???.?
Watnall (Nottingham) 404.2

Range 401.000MHz to 406.000MHz โ€“ 100KHz channels

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