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Pre-Launch Checklist

1 month before:
  • Get CAA permission (which includes NOTAM)
  • Order Balloons
The week before:
  • Order Helium
  • Monitor Jet Stream predictions
The day before:
  • Check Wind predictions - calculate predicted path
  • Systems check
  • Pick up helium + filling attachments
  • Charge things that need charging: PC, Receiver, GPS, PMR
On the day take:
  • CAA Permit
  • Telephone Numbers: ATC - local airfields, emergency services
  • Payload, batteries (+ spares) RADAR reflector, parachute, cutdown (+ spares)
  • Balloons, Cable ties, cord, duck tape
  • Helium, regulator, filling system
  • Tools inc. Spanners set up filling system
  • Scales, weights.
  • Radio System: Receiver, Yagi, Stand, PC, Software, Audio-lead, Batteries (+ spares)
  • Ancillary stuff like: Table, Chairs, Sun/Rain shade
  • Recovery: GPS, long pole (for trees), string, PMR (intra recovery team comms)
  • Boots/Wet weather clothes Sun Hat/Suncream Water/Food
On the day do:
  • Final Systems check: Payload, GPS, Radio, receiver, Cutdown test
  • Set up radio receiver + software
  • Check for any downlink frequency clashes
  • Connect up train
  • Connect up cutdowns
  • Power up each payload
  • Test each payload is transmitting correct information
  • Fill balloon, tie neck attach payloads
  • Negotiate launch with local ATC
  • Check sky is clear
  • Launch
  • Monitor radio signals
  • Drive to predicted recovery zone
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