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Payload Labels

There is a Payload Label available from Steve (G0TDJ) at:

Payload Label

It is specific for the UK Amateur Radio & HAB community but Steve has offered to regionalise it by request. Please send an e-mail to steve (at) with your requirements.

To use the label, first print either on to stiff card if possible or paper. Very lightly score along the fold line with a knife (do not cut through). Then, with a safety ruler, cut along the trim lines opposing each other. Do not trim to the edge of the card/paper. Once you have cut the label out, fold along the middle and add your information in the relevant fields. Then, if you are using card, use a hole punch to punch a hole where indicated. Thread your payload line through this before launch. If you are using paper, laminate the folded label before punching the hole.

Robert Harrison Adds

Payload is harmless unless it hits you on the head :-)

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