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James Coxon (jcoxon/M6JCX) - UK

Pegasus, Firefly, HARVe

Interests: Linux, Gumstix, Python, Perl, Ruby, C, GM862


Ben Firshman (bfirsh) - UK

Arjun Naha (arjunnaha) - UK

The Forest School ForestHAB

Louis Handfield (icez) - US


Andrew Wiens (macfreak4) - US

Laurence Blaxter (laurenceb) - UK

MiHAB, ULTRAHAB, UKHAS glider project, Aerosol project

- I don't need drugs, I get high off altitude

Robert Darlington (Professor) - US

Steve Randall (RocketBoy/G8KHW/AJ4XE) - UK East Anglia


XABEN - Interests: Radio, Software (PIC, UNIX, C), Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, Amateur Rocketry … and High Altitude Balloons

Ed Moore (edmoore/M0TEK) - UK

Gert-Jan C. Prins (Golfgeo) - NL

Next to normal school activities (Information Technologies) looking into options for an (long term) automated science platform based on stored helium and max balloon pressure detection and calculations.

Robert Harrison (rjharrison/M0RJX) - UK

Project Icarus - High Altitude Balloon Photography

Interests: Linux, Photography, Programming (C, PHP, Shell Scripts, HAM Radio)

Marcelo C. (Cablito*) - BR

Mostly brainstorming RC/ High Altitude Balloons projects. Former sailor; circunavigator.

Programming pays my bills and is my #1 hobby.

Josh Atkins (jatkins) - UK

Alexei Karpenko (natrium42) - Canada

Simrun Basuita (sbasuita/ssb) - UK.SouthEast

Daniel Richman (DanielRichman/M0ZDR) - UK

Adam Cudworth (acudworth/cuddykid) - UK

Chris Foote (SpikeUK/G8IPN) - UK

Jon Sowman (jonsowman/M0JSN) - UK

Craig Chapman (MrCraig) - UK

Anthony Stirk (upu/M0UPU) - UK

Andrew Anderson (ScoutingAbout)- UK

A Scout Leader from Nottingham, UK. About to do a launch with my scouts. At present trying to learn everything.

David Akerman (daveake) - UK

Alistair Currah (binary) - UK

Planning for a launch in late Jan/early Feb 2012

David Bowkis (number10/M0MDB) - UK


Will Duckworth - UK


Phil Crump (craag/M0DNY) - UK

Philip Heron (fsphil/MI0VIM) - UK

Mark Ireland (Stratodean) - UK

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