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PicoAtlas X


  • To repeat the success of PicoAtlas IX
  • Launch early morning to look at how timing affects float period


  • Add more $$$$$ after radio reset to avoid problems decoding the first string

Launch Conditions

  • Ground windspeed < 5mph
  • Flight path keeps it within radio rx range for 24hours


  • Easy launch, filled balloon and released
  • Perfect weather, <5mph winds, hot day, clear skies
  • GPS seemed a bit noisy may have been due to desensitised + power saving mode
  • Started floating around 5km but kept climbing very slowly, sprung a leak and descended over Norfolk
  • Not yet recovered.

Flight Data

  • Ascent rate = 0.9m/s


  • Harder to float the balloon during the day (however if you manage it it should last for a long time as you'd get a whole day, then night and then potentially another day)
  • The flight code works well, it was nice to have battery data
  • Need to have a way of exposing the antenna without it being desensitised
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