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PicoAtlas VIII


  • pAVA R7 board with linear regulator
    • Atmega328
    • Rfm22b
    • Ublox 6
  • 2 x AAA
  • 2 x 3.7v 100mA solar cells in parallel

Launch 1

  • Launch 1 was on 15/12/12 - unfortunately on releasing the payload it did not have enough lift resulting in it dragging across the fields and getting caught in a tree 2km away, max altitude was 101m. Was recovered the next day (still transmitting).


  • Need to launch Pico's in ideal weather, from now onwards I plan to only launch in:
    • Ground windspeed < 8km/h
    • < 50% cloud cover
    • no rain or forecast rain
  • Need to take in to account that lifting gas might cool once outside and lose lift, may require a little more gas before launch.
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