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This page is out of date and the information within it is no longer valid.


The Distributed Listener Server

NOTE: The contents of this page is out of date, the new distributed listener is available here.

The callsign ID can also be passed to distinguish between multiple payloads / chase cars etc …

Data can now be polled from the listening server using the following script

There are various options that can be passed

callsign=payload or vehicle name your interested in


  • DATA used for parsing by machine <newlines> for each row of CSV data. NB This is the default setting if format is omitted.
  • HTML laid out for browser viewing,
  • KML used for pumping into Google Earth or Google Maps just past URL into Google maps

lastid=ID of your last data string and only subsequent data will be sent to you. Leave this out and all payload data will be sent.

missionid=ID of historical mission. Leave this out data will be from current mission only. There is no list of historical missions at the moment :-)

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