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The aim of this page is to investigate if insurance can be obtained for individual launchers or for a sub section of the UKHAS group launchers. The aim isn't to force anyone to buy insurance, but instead, if it is available, to make it as simple as possible to obtain for those who would like to have it in place for their launches.

Right now I believe that insurance has only been purchased for commercial launches (I have no details of these so I could be incorrect) .

If you have any experience obtaining or trying to obtain insurance, please can you add any information you have to the bottom of this page, or get in touch.

Launch / landing safety record (statistics about how safe this is, any accidents that have happened and what is now being suggested to avoid such accidents moving forward:

Launch check list that we would be happy working to in order to obtain insurance:

Insurance providers approached and details of their responses:

  • Arjun has approached J. Bennett & Son (Insurance Brokers) for insurance quotes. Here is the quote form for anyone interested and also their terms of business - Form

Current investigations into insurance:

  • Neil is going to review previous postings made to the mailing list about insurance information anyone may have found so far.
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